Surf Coast and Geelong Medical Centres.

Geelong and Torquay Medical Centre - Surf Coast
No-one wants to go and see a doctor or attend a Surf Coast medical centre or Geelong Clinic, but I know that every time I do, I get an overwhelming sense of relief that an expert has been able to give of their time to my ailment or injury.

So if you are a new resident to the Surf Coast or Geelong, you can rest assured that there are many different options available to you along this growth corridor of Victoria. And due to the increase in population in the last few years, more medical clinics are appearing to satisfy the demand from patients – which is a good thing for us all.

There are many different medical options along the Surf Coast and within Geelong and it’s surrounds.  I’ll provide further details of the following : 

For general health and wellbeing, there are always options available for you and your family.  From providing a recovery plan for recent surgery or an injury, to offering you a schedule of regular exercise classes to strengthen your body.  There will always be something for you to participate in, and feel supported. Examples include :

Bulk Billing by doctors in Geelong and the Surf Coast

Many doctors in Geelong Medical Centres and the Surf Coast Medical Centres offer bulk billing.  What this means is that the Government’s Medicare system covers the cost of the service, so that the patient has no out-of-pocket expenses. This may be important to you and your family.  Prior to visiting a doctor or specialist or hospital in Geelong or the Surf Coast, you will need to ask them if they bulk bill.

In come cases, doctors may offer a partial bulk bill with a gap. The patient will need to cover the gap.  Again if this is important to you, you will need to ask the service provider if there is a gap fee.

GP’s (General Practitioners) and those that can visit you at home

Torquay, Surf Coast and Geelong Medical Centres - Health and Wellness and Specialist care

Along the Surf Coast, you’ll find doctor’s in all the coastal towns with of course, the highest proliferation in Geelong suburbs. We all like to support local first, however if your preferred service provider is a little further afield, we know that for many different reasons, you may be prepared to drive longer to get there.


Torquay is well represented with medical centres.  There are both doctors and dentists available. Most of the larger medical centres in Torquay offer online bookings via their website. Prior to your appointment, it’s also important for you to understand if the doctors and their allied services professionals offer bulk billing or not.

Above all, for medical emergencies, please call 000 to request an ambulance or present to the nearest hospital emergency department.

Some GP’s will provide a home service available, that may be much more convenient for you.  This may be useful to you if you can’t leave the house or have a child who is fearful of doctors. Being in your own home environment may make a doctor’s visit easier for that person to have a check-up.

Psychologists and other Medical Specialists in Geelong and the Surf Coast

University Hospital of Geelong and Epworth Geelong Hospital - Geelong and Surf Coast Medical Centres

Covid has increased the demand for mental health assistance and there are psychologists accessible to our community.  Blue Space Psychology, operating from Geelong, focuses on supporting you in your mental health journey.  Laura Lee is the Director & Principal Psychologist at Blue Space Psychology in Geelong. She’s been a registered psychologist with AHPRA since 2008, and has experience providing counselling services and executive coaching since that time. Contact Blue Space Psychology in Geelong to book an appointment.   

There are a myriad of other specialists available on the Surf Coast and in Geelong, for instance :

Many specialise in working with children or the elderly.  It’s worth researching what you and your family require, to get the best support and outcome for you.

A number of the specialists including psychologists may offer bulk billing, so ensure you request this prior to booking an appointment.


There are three major hospitals available currently in Geelong and surrounds :

A public one, called the University Hospital Geelong (formerly, The Geelong Hospital) is an Australian public hospital located in Ryrie Street, Geelong, Victoria. It has an emergency service. It is the largest hospital in regional Victoria and the only tertiary hospital outside of the Melbourne Metropolitan area.  


University Hospital Geelong is a member of Barwon Health.  (Barwon Health is one of the most comprehensive service providers in the state, providing the full range from emergency and acute to mental health, primary care, community services, aged care and subacute/rehabilitation.). The University Hospital Geelong provides the acute hospital, emergency department and diagnostic services.

St John of God Geelong Hospital – a leading private hospital in Geelong, offer all the services that you will need. They are located on 80 Myers Street, Geelong.

Services offered fall into the following categories :

1. Emergency department,

2. Maternity,

3. Medical and Surgery,

4. Rehabilitation Services,

5. Community and Youth, and

6. Healthcare at Home.

In 2016, another private hospital known as Epworth Geelong also opened on 1 Epworth Place, Waurn Ponds. Offering a diverse range of specialities, including as follows :

1. Emergency,

2. Acute treatment,

3. Specialist Services,

4. Rehabilitation,

5. Maternity,

6. Consulting clinics, and


Allied Health Options along the Surf Coast and Geelong

Allied Health Care professionals refers to those clinicians who provide a high quality care, that is allied to health and support that doctors are offering. These professionals are university qualified practitioners with specialised expertise in preventing, diagnosing and treating a range of conditions and illnesses. 


Examples include :

Grand Slam Physio’s operates from Torquay and Geelong, and provides injury treatment, recovery and rehab. They offer a wide range of services, including physio, myotherapy, sports assessments, and pilates exercise classes.

Eye Gallery in Highton (Geelong) and Armstrong Creek is a boutique optometrist practice, providing excellence in clinical care and has a diverse range of glasses available.

Allied health specialists like these above, can be found in Geelong and the Surf Coast. They all play a role in evaluating a patient’s health and in many cases, work closely with the referencing doctor to care for the patient. Many of them practice within existing Surf Coast and Geelong medical centres.

Health, Fitness and Wellbeing in the Community

Personal Training and Gyms in Geelong, Torquay and the Surf Coast

To maintain our strength, muscle and general health and well being, we are advocates of regular exercise that suits you and your lifestyle. These can range from cardio to meditation and everything inbetween. Some examples follow :


There is a diverse range of gyms available in Geelong, Torquay and all along the Surf Coast.  Some of them are 24/7 franchise operations, others are specialist indoor and outdoor privately owned businesses.  All led by specialists in their field, and many operate overlooking the beauty of the beaches and surf along this coastline.

Just In Time Personal Training operates a PT business from Barwon Heads and along with his team of PT trainers,  services Geelong, the Bellarine and many Surf Coast towns.  They provide quality, individualised, health and fitness programs specially designed to work for you. All trainers are qualified with a university degree. You can train in your own apartment gym, home or a nearby outdoor location that suits you. 

Pilates and Yoga

Pilates and Yoga in Geelong and the Surf Coast

Pilates and Yoga classes on the Surf Coast and in Geelong are very popular.  Yoga is held both indoors and outdoors, and I have regularly seen that many group classes in Torquay are located either on the beach or nearby a beach view, which to me would be the ultimate. Exercising with an ocean view, nothing better.


Clinical Pilates is offered in many medical centres in Geelong, Torquay and further along the Surf Coast, and tend to focus on specialist requirements, for example :

 – Pregnancy pilates,

 – Beginner pilates, and

 – Reformer pilates etc.

Yoga too is offered in Geelong and all along the Surf Coast including Torquay, in all it’s forms :

 – Hatha Yoga,

 – Ashtanga Yoga,

 – Yin Yoga,

 – Vinyasa Yoga, and

 – Bikram Yoga.

Do your research and find a class that suits the level of physical activity and challenge you are looking for.  Also identify if the classes you will be attending will help you achieve your overall health goals.  Ask questions from any of the yoga teachers, and they’ll be more than happy to help and encourage you.   

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage and deep tissue massage in Aireys Inlet, Anglesea, Torquay, Geelong and the Surf Coast

Remedial Massage practitioners can be found in Torquay, Aireys Inlet, Anglesea, Lorne and Geelong. 

Seabody Remedial Massage operates from a clinic in Aireys Inlet. Phoebe, the owner,  also offers a mobile service too, which may better suit your requirements. This service is offered along the Surf Coast.  Remedial Massage treatments include reducing muscle tension or chronic pain.  Or you may want to unwind during a busy and stressful period.  For all your requirements, a wholistic approach is taken and a treatment tailored to your needs.  

Bowen Therapy with Mardi - Torquay

Bowen Therapy with Mardi - Torquay - Surf Coast - Great Ocean Road

Bowen with Mardi in Torquay assists patients from Geelong and all along the Surf Coast – Torquay, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, Geelong and surrounding towns. 

Bowen with Mardi operates from Torquay. Bowen Therapy is a natural soft-tissue technique that promotes relief from musculoskeletal and neurological related complaints.

Bowen with Mardi is a business that aims to help people from all ages with a wide range of conditions from stress, headaches and anxiety, to hip pain and sporting injuries.

Mardi welcomes patients from Torquay, Geelong, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads and surrounding towns.  Contact her to make a booking.

Online health options have increased in demand.  Telehealth is one that is frequently used for doctors visits, which suits many people.  Online Pilates and Yoga excerise classes have proliferated – many free as well as those where a paid subscription is offered.


If time permits, any research done prior to your treatment, is always recommended and don’t forget that for medical emergencies, please call 000 to request an ambulance or present to the nearest hospital emergency department.

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