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Great Ocean Road Locals, is an online platform showcasing local businesses in this area, so that residents, holiday home owners and tourists can connect and support local operators.

About us : Great Ocean Road Locals

Who we are

The Great Ocean Road Locals Business Directory was born when we tried to find local businesses to work on our Torquay-based property, but there was no easy-to-use online directory to achieve this. So we set out to create one to make it convenient and quick for businesses to be found online; and for residents, holiday home owners and visitors to connect with local business owners.

We have a Closed Facebook Group, to connect like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners who will encourage and inspire one another in a supportive environment. Join our group if you are a business owner, and you’ll immediately identify with the diverse group of owners there, who have the opportunity to connect with one another.

Why not check out our Facebook Page if you’re a visitor: 

Great Ocean Road Locals

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Who's it for?

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs :

Are you a business owner along the Great Ocean Road with little time to market your products and services? Want to join a vibrant community of small business operators for support, encouragement and inspiration?

You can add your listing, include photos and videos and have the option of encouraging customers to review your product/service. Reviews are the most powerful tool to attract more customers and repeat business.

Locals, Part-time Residents and Holiday Home Owners :

Do you live along the Great Ocean Road and you’re looking for a specific business or product, but you don’t know where to start?
Our directory is a one-stop shop for all products and services along the Great Ocean Road. Our list of categories makes it straightforward to find what you need.

Why we’re different

We realise we’re not the only Great Ocean Road Business Directory. We checked out the existing ones, tried them out and designed an even better directory that’s:

We’re lovers of the ocean, the waves and all-things-Great-Ocean-Road. We’ve run several small businesses and know the many challenges to achieve success on a tight budget.

We Are

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