Would you like to be discovered by more new customers each month?

If you’re a local business and you’re NOT yet using Google My Business (which is free, by the way!) then you’re missing the EASIEST way to get found by people in your area searching for what you do!

Did you know:

Simply having a website isn’t enough to be found online these days.

Your site is one of zillions filling our digital airwaves, and unless you’re appearing on page 1 of Google search, you’re going to struggle more and more to be found.

Sure you can pay to advertise in local papers, but it costs a fair amount – and who are you really reaching with that ad?

What about the people who don’t get the local paper? The visitors, the holidaymakers, or the tech-savvy generations who spend allll their time on their devices?

If you are paying to advertise in a printed magazine or newspaper … you’re missing the majority of the population! You need to focus on online exposure.

If you want your business to grow, then it’s extremely important that you make it ridiculously easy for people to find you online when they pull out their smartphone to search for what you sell.

Growing your online footprint with Google My Business is EASY and doesn’t cost you a cent. Imagine – your business appearing on Google maps – which gets you straight to page 1 of the search results!

So, I’ve created a simple step-by-step guide, to show you how to get your business listed on Google My Business in just 5 minutes.

Download my free guide now and save yourself oodles of time, trying to navigate your way around the most important parts of GMB!

Setup up is quick and easy

And very quickly you have another presence on the web.

Work step-by-step through the process.

Locals and visitors will find your business in the search results, and on Maps.

Google Business Profile Manager - Freebie for small businesses along the Great Ocean Road

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