The Built for Advanture Way - Custom Camper Van Conversions

If you’ve been fantasising about an on-the-road lifestyle that marries sophistication with freedom, at Built for Advanture, we have just what you need.  Trust in us to build you a custom campervan conversion that can take you Australia wide. 

About Us

Built for Advanture is led by husband and wife team, Jesse and Sam.  Based in Torquay on the Surf Coast of Victoria, we merge our high standards and diverse set of skills to build the campervan conversion of your dreams.  Importantly, not only do our builds provide you with luxuries you might not expect in a van conversion for your trips around Australia but, we build to meet safety and compliance requirements to allow your new campervan to be registered and insured.  Furthermore, not only do we walk with you through each step in the design and production process, but we also offer advice and support on all products that are installed. Our relationship with our clients doesn’t stop on pickup as we pride ourselves on being with you for the whole journey. 


Built for Advanture offers you an optimal campervan conversion; every build focuses on your lifestyle requirements.

Craftsmanship as an Art Form

We don’t simply “build vans” at Built for Advanture; we construct mobile sanctuaries. Our lineage of artisan craftsmanship spans three generations, infusing every cut, join, and finish with unparalleled expertise. Our custom campervan conversions are expertly designed to withstand the diverse needs of sophisticated travellers all around Australia. And most importantly, it’s Jesse’s mastery of carpentry and cabinetmaking that is the backbone of every single build. 

High Quality Customised Campervan Interiors

Picture this: Australian hardwood gracing the ceiling of your van’s interior. Pair this with sleek-yet-hardwearing benchtops and stylish waterproof floors. Intricately designed cabinetry fitted seamlessly to your specifications.  Lush textiles that you’d be more accustomed to finding in a five-star hotel rather than a van. At Built for Advanture, we believe that customisation is key, and your desires dictate the design. The hours of preparation and design work begin well before the physical van even enters the shop.  

Conveniences of your Campervan Conversion at Your Fingertips

Imagine waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed artisan coffee from your built-in espresso machine.  Or breakfast being made on your induction cooker. Smart touch switches and dimmable lighting allowing you to get the vibe just right for the time of day and picturesque location you find yourself in. In addition, elegant LCD displays for water and electrical system monitoring, are available.

Personal Concierge for Your Van Build

The relationships we develop with our clients are important to us.  A campervan without a happy owner isn’t a ‘happy camper’. We’re here to facilitate walkthroughs, provide mood board consultations, and assist with making curated selections. Overall, we offer a consultative experience that ensures your van reflects you. 

Only the best custom fitout to suit your requirements - Built for Advanture - custom campervan conversions for Australia

Walkthroughs, mood board consultations and custom joinery – only at Built for Advanture

Knowledge and Expertise at Your Disposal

Keeping up to date with the Australian Design Rules and Australian road rules is our job and we take it seriously. We work alongside a local engineer to ensure all aspects of the van build are up to code and undertake all certification requirements for your conversion. All you need to do is swing past VicRoads (or other applicable road authority depending on your “home” state) once you collect your completed van so they can give you the tick of approval – but they will have all the paperwork they need submitted for you prior.

Excellence in Every Partnership

Our commitment to excellence extends to every supplier, subcontractor, trade and partner we collaborate with. Keep in mind, when you choose us, you’re opting for an entire ecosystem of quality.


Our campervan conversions must be sufficiently robust to cater for the Australian landscape, and provide the elevated lifestyle you are looking for. All aspects of the build need to come together, to create a synergy between components.  In addition, we also prioritise the functionality you need when you want it. Together with our partners, we aim to provide you with quality products that will support you on your travels. Contact us to book a walkthrough of one of our latest models.


Built for Advanture - VanLife Campervan Conversions in Australia

Campervan Conversions for Australians – luxury cabinetry throughout

Connecting You with the Best

If you’re embarking on the DIY vanlife journey – good on you, it’s tough work – we can support you with our retail service.

We sell many of the tried-and-tested products we use in our own builds, products we trust. In addition, we use our years of experience to help you determine what’s right for your build, how much of it you may need and where it works best.

Examples include our preferred lightweight cabinetry materials, which help us keep our builds well under the required weights, the sound-deadening and insulation products we start each and every build with (Car Builders) and the best 12v fridges on the market (Bushman Fridges).

Ready to Elevate Your Vanlife Experience?

If a life of sophisticated freedom beckons, then wait no longer. Contact us to commence your journey into an incredible home on wheels. With Built for Advanture, you’re not merely purchasing an epic van conversion; you’re entering a lifestyle that’s as extraordinary as you are. With Built for Advanture, every journey feels like first-class travel.

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