Taking care of our Waste via the Surf Coast Shire Bin Collection

The Surf Coast Shire Bin Collection is an ongoing process that continually needs to be reviewed.  The Shire continues to educate the residents and visitors.  Many local business operators have put their hands up and are exploring innovative ways to help.  We all need to be mindful at all times that we need to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can, to preserve our oceans and waterways. 

War on Waste on the Surf Coast

We need to take care of our environment and ensure all measures taken regarding waste and landfill, are sustainable. 

Surf Coast Shire Bin Collection - get to know what goes in each bin

Surf Coast Shire Bin collection on our street, seems to come around so quickly.  It seems only a few days have gone past, and suddenly, it’s bin collection day again. Then the question arises, so which one goes out today ?  


The Surf Coast Shire offers bin collection on a weekly basis but you do need to be mindful of which bins you put out and what goes in them.  A little bit of additional thought on a daily basis plus access to the Scrrapp App, will help make your life so much easier.


As a resident on the Surf Coast Shire of Victoria, I have watched the increase in new families opting to live down here on a permanent basis, with great interest.  The relaxed lifestyle, the beauty of the coastline and the increase in career opportunities for many in this area, have all contributed to enticing many more to explore their options along this coast. And they have decided to take the journey in droves.


Local businesses have thrived as throngs of tourists enjoy extended stays along this breathtaking route with the list of attractions growing and accommodation diversifying. However, increased popularity from new residents and visitors also means more challenges and this is particularly obvious when it comes to household rubbish and commercial waste.


The Surf Coast Shire is taking the influx of new residents into consideration with their bin collection, hard rubbish collection, recycling and overall waste collection planning.

War on Waste

Rubbish is an ongoing challenge for every community but regions such as the Great Ocean Road depend on keeping the marine environment clean for several reasons. Wildlife suffers when rubbish is not disposed of thoughtfully while tourism is at risk if our oceans become dumping grounds. A lot has changed over the last decade as local councils and residents have responded to the urgent need to do things differently. But more can always be done. 

We all need to think through our waste options on a daily basis.  Questions we need to ask ourselves are :

 – How can we buy more sustainably in the first place ? 

 – Can we reuse or repurpose our personal waste ?

 – How can we recycle each item ? 

Current Situation


The Surf Coast Shire bin collection involves 4 types of bins :

Green bin for FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics).

Yellow bin for Recycling.

Purple for glass.

Red for landfill.

The Green Bins are for FOGO items ( Food organics and garden organics ).  All food scraps can be added to garden waste. Items that can be added include :

  • Bones,
  • Fruit and vegetable scraps,
  • Tea leaves (without the bags please),
  • Meat,
  • Cheese etc

The Yellow bins are for all items to be recycled :

 – Newspapers,

 – Take away cardboard containers, and

 – Egg cartons etc.

The Purple Bins are for glass:

 – Medicine bottles,

 – Glass jars,

 – Beer and wine bottles etc.

The Red bins are for landfill and are collected fortnightly. Any waste that can’t go into the other three above. For example :

 – Broken crockery,

 – Coffee Pods,

 – Nappies and baby wipes etc

Kerbside collections continue as per normal on public holidays except for Christmas Day when bins will be emptied the day after Christmas, for the four days after Christmas.

Scrrapp App - the Surf Coast Shire Bin Collection app

The Surf Coast Shire has loads of information on the 4 collection bins on their website.  They also offer a very useful app for waste and recycling information called Scrrapp (Surf Coast Rubbish and Recycling App).  You can add your location to then confirm what bins to put out each week, and it can also be setup with reminders.  It’s a great tool we as a family use frequently.


Check that when you put your bin on the kerb, that it closes properly.  Sometimes cockatoos, can open the lid with their beaks and can leave a massive mess outside your home.  Not great to come home to, when you’ve been at work all day.  But ensuring the lid closes neatly, will reduce the chance of this happening to you.

Holiday home owners and part-time residents

Holiday home owners and part-time residents can use drop-off facilities in Torquay, Anglesea, Winchelsea or Lorne for recyclables and a small amount of general household waste.

It’s always a good idea if you offer short term accommodation, to leave details on the Surf Coast Shire Bin Collection for your guests. Most visitors will try to do their best when it comes to waste removal and recycling. 


E-waste is no longer accepted in kerbside bins or landfills in Victoria. It refers to any item with a plug, battery or cord.  Electronic waste must be taken to a transfer station in Anglesea, Lorne or Winchelsea where it will be accepted free of charge, and will be diverted from landfill.

Local Initiatives

A wonderful example of taking the lead in reducing rubbish is Torquay-based roastery café, Ocean Grind. They’ve blended their love for the ocean with a passion for fresh, quality coffee. After trialling compostable cups, which often end up in landfill or the waterways and ocean, they’ve taken the plunge to no longer serve disposable cups to their customers. They take sustainability and preserving the environment seriously because they want future generations to enjoy nature like we do today. Ocean Grind also organises yearly beach clean-ups.

Do you have a community project or business story about people who are making a positive contribution to our environment ?  Please contact us so that we can publish more local stories.

Making a Difference

At a state and national level, many things are happening to reduce waste and protect our environment. The Plastic Wise program, REDcycle  (currently suspended service) and the VIC Bag Ban all make a significant difference.  Councils and other government bodies do their best in creating initiatives for the public to follow and adhere to.  But without the local’s support, it can be very difficult.  Luckily the Great Ocean Road Locals have a vested interest in keeping waste and plastic products out of our environment, both land and sea.

Protecting the Great Ocean Road is a key initiative of all local committees.

We do need to consider all aspects of keeping plastic and waste away from our beaches, parks, bushlands and streams. Not only are we protecting the environment and our wildlife, but more importantly we are creating a future pathway for our children to follow and an opportunity to exceed.  But it all starts with – are we buying sustainably in the beginning ? 

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