Torquay Beach and Swimming Safely.

Torquay Back Beach - a fantastic place to learn to surf along the Great Ocean Road

The grassed area above Torquay Back Beach (Torquay Surf Beach).

The Torquay Beach in Victoria is a crowd magnet during school holidays and long weekends, and easily one of the busiest beaches in Victoria.  It is a beautiful place to picnic and swim, as there is plenty of beach space available for large groups and the area caters for all types of swimmers. With wide open spaces, you can enjoy the water conditions alongside Kite Surfers, Stand-Up-Paddle boarders, surfers and other swimmers. 

When making a trip to any beach along the Great Ocean Road, we always remember the common items to include : hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, towel, water etc.   All required for sun safety, but it’s critical to know where to swim safely at the beach.

Always consider the following before entering the surf :

Swim between the flags,

Never swim alone,

Don’t swim at night,

Don’t enter the water if you’ve had alcohol, 

Understand how RIPs are formed, and 

Assess the conditions before you enter the water.  

Cosy Corner at Torquay Beach + Ocean Swimming Groups in Torquay

Cosy Corner or Cozy Corner at Torquay Beach is a beloved spot for families, with BBQ’s and picnic spots available under the trees.

Cozy Corner has a large grassed area close by, so this makes it really easy for you to have a sand free picnic.  Many families bring umbrellas, and small tents for young children to shelter from the sun and the wind, which are ideal on a beautiful day. Angle parking is available and toilets not far away, so makes this a popular for all ages.  

This part of the beach is ideal for very young children and those who don’t want to surf the waves.  On the whole, there are usually calm conditions.  It’s also perfect for older folk who don’t want the rough and tumble of the surf, and for SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarders).  During peak periods, the Torquay Surf Life Saving club is in attendance along with flags. 

Interested in Ocean Swimming with a Group ? There are a number of friendly groups that swim off the Esplanade (Front Beach) or Cozy Corner either during the week or on the weekend.  The group are always committed and turn up rain, hail or shine.  You’ll find Facebook groups available that tell you when and where to meet. Some swim every day out to the yellow buoys, one further than the other (200 – 300metres), but you can take it at your own pace. Community and connection are at the heart of these groups. If you are new, connect with one of the Facebook group members and someone will be there to welcome you and give info on your first ocean swim in Torquay. 

Torquay Back Beach and Torquay Surf Lessons

Learn to Surf at Torquay Back Beach along the Great Ocean Road

Learn to surf at Torquay Back Beach – an ideal beach for both beginners and intermediate surfers

Torquay Back Beach is the perfect spot to learn to surf, body surf, or to just bob up and over the big waves, as I do.  I swim out just far enough so that I can float over the waves before they break – it’s a beautiful feeling.

The Torquay Back Beach is the place to see lots of surfing action, and to feel the power of the waves. Torquay Surf Life Savers are present during peak holiday times and it’s important to swim between the flags. Further to the left and right of the flags, you’ll find the beginner and intermediate surfers taking to the waves. Plenty of action to see if you want to sit on the grassed area above the beach and watch what’s going on. 

Any time of day, you’ll find surfers in the water here as it’s better protected than some of the surf beaches further along the Great Ocean Road.  It’s also the home of the Torquay Surf Lifesaving Club, so training takes place during the mornings and afternoons.  The Nippers (younger children) take to the water with instructors, learning about the sea and how to tackle the waves.  Water safety is a key part of their training.  The Torquay Surf Life Saving clubhouse looms in the background.  It’s there for the community – both residents and visitors benefit from its prominence.  

Further useful information about Torquay Beach :  

Torquay Surf lessons are available from local surfing shops who teach beginner and intermediate groups about surfing and water safety. Wetsuits and boards can be hired too.  And remember that age is no barrier to learning to surf.  You’ll get your first taste of surfing a wave, right here at Torquay Back Beach.  Learning ‘surfing etiquette’ or ‘code of conduct’ will be useful too.  Experienced surfing coaches will help you navigate your way so that respect for other surfers and safety are top of mind.

Dogs are allowed at this Torquay Beach, but not during peak times.  Always best to check first via the Surf Coast Shire website, regarding where and when your furry friend is allowed at this beach.

Walk over the Spring Creek Boardwalk, up the hill towards Rocky Point Lookout, and look back towards the Torquay Surf Lifesaving building.  You’ll get magnificent views of the Torquay beaches and the curved row of Norfolk pines, a key feature of the landscape.

The Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park is just behind this Torquay Beach, and is the closest accommodation available.  Becoming very busy during school holidays, it’s always best to book your spot well in advance.

Torquay Front Beach

Torquay Front Beaches - across the road from the Esplanade

School holidays on Torquay Front Beach

A beautiful grassed area sits above Torquay Front Beach.  Perfect for families, there are playgrounds, toilets nearby, and plenty of picnic spots. And lots of open space to spread out so you are not on top of one another.

Restaurants, an ice-cream shop, cafes in both Gilbert Street and along the Esplanade are present providing all the refreshments, meals and snacks you require.  Whether it be bagels for brunch, or fish and chips for an early dinner option as you watch the sun go down, there are plenty of popular spots for the whole family. Day trippers frequent this area, and with the water being so calm, and plenty of BBQ tables, it’s ideal for families to settle in.

Torquay Dog Beach at Fisherman's Beach

Torquay Dog Beach - Fisherman's Beach - Start of Parkrun every Saturday at 8am

Torquay Dog Beach and the start of Torquay Parkrun every Saturday at 8am.

Fisherman’s Beach as the name suggests is the area’s top fishing spot.  A local boat ramp as well as tables for cleaning fresh fish, are available for both locals and visitors. 

Most importantly it has an accessibility ramp for those who have limited mobility and love to get in close to the ocean. You can book beach wheelchairs too.  Beach access matting is laid out from the car park and runs close to the waters edge. This access forms part of the Accessible Beaches Programme and further details are available via the Surf Coast Shire website.  

Fisherman’s Beach is a hugely popular Torquay dog beach and most days, you’ll find man’s best friend here, loving the sand and frolicking in the shallows.  Tail wagging friends in all shapes and sizes wander here along with their owners.  There are some restrictions as to when and where they are allowed, depending on the season – and these details are readily available from the Surf Coast Shire website.

Public toilets are available as well as popular cafes that welcome children and dogs. Plenty of angle parking is accessible to all. 

This is also the start of the Torquay Parkrun 5km course which is held every Saturday morning.  It’s a free run, that is timed, and starts at 8am.  It leaves from the car park at Fisherman’s Beach – you are welcome to bring your pram and dogs are included too, as long as they are on a lead.

Swimming Safely along the Great Ocean Road

Do you know what a RIP is and how they are formed ?

Can you identify one  ?

With a little research, you’ll understand where they are and assess conditions before you and your family enter the water.

RIPS are currents flowing out to sea, and are the number one cause of beach hazard for swimmers.

Some aspects of RIPS to take note of :  

When visiting a Torquay Beach, taking a few precautions will help. Don’t rush into the waves, but rather take a few minutes to assess the conditions in the sea and discuss these with your family first.  This is particularly important if there are no flagged areas or life savers around. To avoid RIPS, swim between the red and yellow flags on a patrolled beach. This is always the safest option.

Often the calmest area along the beach, is a RIP. This is deceptive and often the place many people think is the best to enter the sea. There will be no wave activity – the waves are often on either side of the RIP. The water comes in on the waves and returns via a darker channel or RIP back out into different directions.

 If you do get caught in a RIP, don’t panic. Float on your back and raise one arm as a distress signal and yell for help.  Don’t panic, don’t fight the RIP, allow it to take you to the sandbank (where the waves are breaking), and from there you can get to safety.  Follow the RIP to where the waves are breaking, and then allow the waves to push you back to the beach.

 A few minutes of observation are always well worth it, when coming down to swim at a Torquay beach. 

RIP Resources at your fingertips - Apps, videos ......

There is an excellent resource available about RIPS at Beachsafe. It’s important that you take the time to learn about other’s experiences shown at this link, and learn as much as possible about RIPS.  There is also a Beachsafe App available.  All of these resources will help you and your family assess conditions before you enter the water.

The Torquay Surf Life Saving Nippers

Nippers and Surf Lifesaving Club at Torquay Back Beach

Torquay Surf Lifesaving Club – they offer the Nippers programme (5-13 years)

The Nippers programme is run for children aged 5 – 13 years at the Torquay beach.  It runs from October to March each year, with the aim to provide a pathway for future surf lifesavers.

It’s reliant on community volunteering and participation, and is well supported by locals and locally owned business. The focus is on teaching children about safely swimming in the ocean, as well as enjoying what the surf offers.  It’s a vital programme for both children and their families to get involved in.

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